History of gingers

As long as people have known honey, flour, five so long is the history of honey products. Ancient nations considered honey Gods meal that’s why honey pastry was scarified to God on ceremonies. In the beginning sweet gingerbreads were of simple quality and taste of Gingerbread dough is an excellent material for forming and it has an excellent commercial quality and it doesn’t putresible to any biological changes. Gingerbread dough can be preserved fresh, delicious, digestive for a long time. Because of these qualities can be formed the most manifold figural forms magnified the life scenes of the formal and that time social life. The history of gingerbread manufacture goes back at the time of an old Rome. From Italy it proceeded across Germany into the North Europe. In Slovakia it appeared in XIV century. Maker of gingerbread was called „dulciarus“. The ginger dough started to be of better quality, various kneaded of ryed flour and boiled honey and designated it „ginger“. From raw honey were made gingerbreads. Designations overlapped for centuries. The centre of the ginger/craft in Slovakia and the whole Hungary was Bratislava, where was founded the first ginger guild (1916). In 17 - 18 centuries were founded individual guilds in other towns in Slovakia (in Trnava, Modra, Banska Bystrica, Kremnica, Banska Štiavnica, Levoča, Bardejov, Košice) and gradually in all towns in Slovakia. In the second part of the 19th century ginger craft started to decline especially because of a general confectionary craft development which replaced ginger pastry. So makers of ginger started to use a new replacement which depredated a quality and gingers started to lose an artistic meaning (various pictures and mirrors were sticked on, lowd excentric colours were used). The ginger craft disappeared in the first decades of the 20th century. Nowdays households don’t pay enough attention to homemade gingers because of knowledge lack about biological value (quality) of honey. Ginger pastry products are concentrated only in some baker’s trade enterprises. But gradually the ginger gets into minds through bakery products and more and more women start to concern about making and decorating gingers. Gingerbread and honey pastry is not only delicacy but valuable food, too because is more valuable than the pastry made of sugar. It’s more nutritious, durable and digestive. The best way to preserve gingers is a metal box placed in dry and cold rooms. Ginger will preserve good smell and taste, brittleness and smoothness. Gingers and honey pastry are healthy after fat lunch (the content of glucose in honey pastry helps to utilize fat).

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