Firm background

Firm was based in 1996, headquarters are located in the garden premises of the family house in the living residence of Maria Balačinová. In the beginning I drew from traditions, later I started take into production my own ideas. At present I work with my own technology. I use own outlook and technics of decoration. I modify individual designs (patterns) by needs. I realize orders personally, by phone fax and mail. Many constant customers solve their orders only on phone agreement by specifying purpose and the price.
Particual proposal of the order I realize myself. Sorts and patterns are possible to modify according to customers orders.
The price depends on the weight and difficulty of decoration.


After more than 20 years practice long in an economic sphere I lost job in 1995. Influenced by these coincidental circumstances I decided for my own working way. Beginning weren’t simple and not unequivocalness. I started from my feelings an intuition. I was persuaded that is the moment when I have a chance to realize my desires and dreams. They weren’t quite clear because there were more possibilities and specializations. It was fine art that connected all my hobbies and interests.
When I was a little girl I painted, arranged and did needlworks which by time changed and were completed.
Art was given into my preparation of cold and warm dish as well as confectionary. My priority was my fantasy, imagination and ability to improvise. This enabled me to learn new and unknown very quickly. That’s why my products started to be original and exceptional. The production of ornamental gingers pushed me to higher level. In my decision and it was one of my last hobbies. I’ve found a connection of all that fascinated me and it was decesied.
Of course I understood that I was untraditional I craft which production were interested as women on various folkorest events only as hobby.
In my case it wasn’t only family tradition, I felt that I could bring new elements into this production (patterns, ornamental technology without commercial elements).
I carried out a survey, possibilities of the sale, the place of enterprise. In autumn I graduated a preparatory course „CEPAC which was organized by RPIC in Martin. If directed me and helped me in my decision.
I didn’t develop the production of Easter eggs, I was interested only in production of ornamental gingers. My intuition was right and a new life started for me. I’m not sorry about this decision. If enabled me to become independent and I have gained and admiration of my family and the public. This work satisfied me and gave my life a new dimension.
Not everything was by my planned procedure. Especially the way of sale that was arranged through retail business. I oriented very quickly and I’ve made my own strategy. At present my products have got a success at home and foreign market through economic results don’t reach too high numbers, my product are more required. I’ve got my own philosophy. I work and manage the whole production alone, eventually by help of my family members.
The productivity of my works as well as the quality are increasing. I produce according orders for various occasions (family events, wedding anniversaries, social events, demonstrative products for firma t home business and foreign meetings).
I think that quality and variability differ my products from rivalry on the market and that help me to make progress. I’ve got big reservers, I don’t copy other’s, I’ve got many ideas which come into existence during the contact with the product. I’m  sure that I will come time and my gained experiences will be given to members of my family as well as those who will be interested in it.

Mária Balačinová, Košťany nad Turcom 47, okres Martin
e-mail: tel.: 043/438 83 86, mob. 0907 406 154.

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