Demonstrations and exhibitions

An increase of interest about my producst are cause by various demonstrative events, exhibitions.

  • Exposition in occasion of 20th company anniversary

  • june 2015 - EXPO Milan, Italy
    2014 - winner of slovak competition METRO Dobrý podnikateľ „Podnikať srdcom
    2014 - Báčsky Petrovec
    November 2008 – Hamburg, Germany
    July 2007 – exhibition Bystrička
    March 2007 – exhibition of Easter gingers, Vrútky – Kriváň
    December 2006 – exhibition of the 10th anniversary of a ginger production rise, Kosťaň upon Turiec
    December 2006 – exhibition Panstwowe ethnographic museum, Institut Slovakia, Warsaw
    November – December 2005 Helsinki – personal invitation by ambassadress of SR in Finland, demonstration called „Slovak Christmas“
    Oktober 2005 – Hoogeveen, Netherland – personal demonstration February 2004 – exhibition of the Czech Republic in Prague January 2004 – Exhibition of the Czech Republic „Incheba Bratislava demonstration“
    December 2003 – „Ginger beauty“ – exhibition RC Vrutky
    August 2003 – Exhibition in friendship municipality „Valaliky“
    June 2003 – Slovak natioanl day – „Rostock, Germany“
    April 2002 – „Easter gingers“ – Exhibition in Košťany upon Turiec
    August 2000 – „Jánošík thaler“ – International festival of Slovak folk in Czech Republic, Rožňava and Radh
    May 1999 – „Treasures of folk art in Slovakia“ exhibition Paris March 1999 – „Folk art in Slovakia“ – exhibition Warsaw
    January 1999 – „Repeated demonstration in Paris“
    December 1998 – „Christmas impresies“ – exhibition, RC Martin May 1998 – „Region is introducing“ the house of women – Bratislava
    January 1998 – ornamental demonstration in Paris on occasion of the 5th anniversary of the independance of Slovak Republic – invitation by an ambassador
    December 1997 – „Our hobbies“ performance on Slovak TV

    By means of firms and institutions of SR as well as by my personal participation I demonstrate my products (Works) in foreign countries, too. France, Austria, Italy, Rumania, Finland, England, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Danmark, Netherland, USA, Canada, Japan, Africa.

    Esteems (awards)

    2000 –„Excellent business woman of a year“ 1999 in a category „The prize of sympathy,“ where was appraised business idea and imagination
    2001 – award by the head of reional Office in Žilina „for contribution for economic growth (raise) of Žilina region
    2004 – award by the mayor of Košťany upon Turiec for a creative art work and representation in Slovakia and foreign countries
    2003 – Region Valiky – thanks letter for art products on exhibition in municipality
    2008 – enter into Encyclopedia „Who is Who SR“ (personalities of scientific, economic, political, cultural and art life of the society)





    Mária Balačinová, Košťany nad Turcom 47, okres Martin
    e-mail: tel.: 043/438 83 86, mob. 0907 406 154.

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